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Tips on Caring for a Real Christmas Tree
  • Keep the tree in a cool shady place like the garage or porch until ready to bring indoors and decorate.
  • Saw a thin disk (1/4 inch) off the trunk prior to placing the tree in a water holding stand.
  • Make a cut perpendicular to the axis of the stem, NOT at angles or a v-shaped cut.
  • Make sure to place the tree in its water holding stand within 4-6 hours after making a cut to the trunk.
  • Your stand must be able to hold enough water for the size of the tree. A good rule-of-thumb is 1 quart capacity for every inch of diameter of the trunk.
  • Water temperature makes no difference.
  • NCTA (National Christmas Tree Association) does not endorse any specific water additive product(s). Consumers must decide if they want to use a product or substance in the tree’s water…the most important thing is to maintain an adequate water level.
  • Check water levels often in the first few days. A tree will absorb the most water after it is recently cut and placed in water.
  • Make sure the tree is displayed in a place away from heat sources (registers, fireplaces, tv sets, and computers) and draft sources. Always check electrical devises (lights and other decorations) BEFORE placing on the tree.
  • Unless required by local law, avoid spraying preservatives or fire retardants on the foliage of the tree. Some of these commercially available products actually increase the rate of moisture loss from a tree, and can change the appearance of the tree. The most fire-retardant tree is one that is properly watered and cared for. FRESH CHRISTMAS TREES DO NOT CAUSE FIRES.